How do I attach a document to a questionnaire?

How do I attach a document to a questionnaire?

Using the question editor and the filebrowser, you can add a downloadable document (or other file) to a survey.  Here are will create a simple survey that allows a panelist to download a instructions document.
! You can only follow these instruction when you are logged in as System Manager.

Upload a document to EyeQuestion
If we want to allow a panelist to download a document, the document must be on EyeQuestion or somewhere on the internet. In this case we upload the document to the EyeQuestion server. Make sure you have your instructions document available on your local computer. In EyeQuestion follow the next steps:

Step 1: Go to Administration>File browser.

Step 2Once the filebrowser  is loaded navigate to the "HTML" directory and check if there is a folder named "docs" or "documents". If there isn't a folder with a similar name, create one with the New folder-button. 
A new folder can be created by right clicking on html>New Subfolder.
Create a new subfolder and name it: documents 

Step 3: When the folder is created we can upload the instructions document. Open the map "documents".

Step 4Now upload the document to the newly create folder. Click on the upload button and select the instructions file on your local computer. 

Attach the document to a survey

Now you uploaded your document, you can add the link to your questionnaire.

Step 1: Enter to a project and open the question to which you want to add a link to the uploaded document.

Step 2: You can set a text or use an image as link. In this case we will use a text based link. Enter a text like "Click here to view the document" and click "source" to switch to HTML mode. 
In HTML mode you will be able to add special coding like this link.

Step 3: Once we have found the text, we can transform this text into a link by adding some extra info. 
We need to surround the text with the following text:

 <a href="/eq/customer/[directory]/[documentname]">[text for the link]</a>

So, in this example it will result in:

 <a href="/eq/customer/documents/testdoc.xlsx">Click here for the instruction document</a>

Your Source should look like this:

Once you are finished, click on OK and preview the result. 

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