What are the messages that are displayed to the panellists?

Login failed

The username and/or password is not correct. User names and passwords are case sensitive, please check if Caps Lock is set on. If necessary, please use the Forgot password? option to request a new password. A new password will be generated for the user. This option only works is an e-mail address is linked to the user account.


Unable to start questionnaire

Unavailable :The questionnaire you are trying to access is no longer available. The questionnaire is either undeployed or has been closed.


Not Allowed : The user has already finished the questionnaire and is not allowed to run through it again. Go to your project settings and check if the option Run only once is disabled.

This message will also be visible if the user is not in the panel of the project and is not permitted to run through the project. Click the panel button and check if the user has been added to the project’s access list.

Not available today : The questionnaire is not available on this day or its end time has already expired. Check the general settings of the project to adjust this.

Access Denied by EyeContact : Access to the questionnaire is not granted because the panelists is not in the EyeContact panel related to the project. Change the project settings in EyeContact. The panelist is either not scheduled for the project or the panelist does not fit the filter criteria.

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