View uploaded images

How to download and view uploaded images

Images that are uploaded by panelists can be downloaded and viewed after their sessions have been closed. Please be aware that you will need to have used the question type Upload Image, which can be found in the special questions or the Take a Picture questiontype, found in the Mobile Questions (only for mobile devices). 

After collecting data, go to the export page. Clicking the Zipped Media option will generate a compressed zip file with the media contents that have been collected. The name of the image file will correlate with that of the user login.

If anonymous users are being used to collect data, downloading the basic excel file will display the image as a thumbnail in the correct row.

Another option to display the uploaded images is the Media Dashboard, which can also be found in the export option. By clicking the Media Dashboard a new tab will be started in your browser displaying all collected media. Images or videos can be downloaded and clicking an image will display it in its full size.

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