How to Import or Update Panellists in Bulk

How to Import or Update Panellists in Bulk

Import in Bulk Panellists

1. Go to Panel Management and click on ''Import Panellists'' (The option can be used to create new panellists, but also to update existing panellist.)

2. After clicking on import panellists you will land on following page (below). Please download the example file. 

3. Fill the import panellist file 

Open the downloaded template file in Excel and please pay attention to the following important things while entering the data:
1. All required fields should be filled in for each panellist (one panellist per row)
2. Login, password and email fields should always be filled in (these fields are mandatory, all other fields are optional)
3. In the import file, you can add a column called “forcePasswordChange” and choose the option “TRUE” or “FALSE”. The choice would either enable or disable the option “force password change” in the panellist profile.
4. Make sure to always save the file.

5. Browse for the newly created or updated panellist

Import the Excel file you just created by clicking on the ''Browse'' button (image below) . 

5. Click on the "Import" button 

6. After you import the panellist, you will get a message explaining if the import was successful. 
7. That's it! You have successfully imported or updated panellists in bulk using the EyeQuestion software.

Enabling the Function "Force Password Change"

NOTE: By following the steps below you will be able to enable  the function: ''ForcePWchange'' (force password change)
1. Please go to User Management and click on Manage Users.

2. Go to ''Edit User'' 

3. In the option ''Edit User'' please ensure that option Force PW change is set to ON.

4. That's it!

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