How to load, create and update EyeQuestion panel

How to load, create and update EyeQuestion panel

EyeQuestion Panel

The panel manager can add a panel to a project to allow specific panelists to answer that questionnaire. The used panel can be found under the access list (on the right side of the page). (In this case it is still empty)

Load a saved panel

In order to load a saved panel click on "load panel" under the panel tab of a project.

Create a new panel

The first step is to add the panelists in the access list.  There are multiple ways of adding panelists to the access list:

1) Via panel database
The panelists from the panel database can be moved (one by one) to the access list by clicking on the highlighted icon (arrow in a blue square).

2) Import panel

It is possible to import a panel 

Once the panelists are added to the access list click on save as panel.

Click on create, add a panel name and click on save.

Update an existing panel

If a user wants to update an existing panel (remove or add new panelists) then first load the saved panel by clicking on panel > load from panel.  This action will display the panel under the access list.

In order to remove a panelist from the access list click on an arrow in a red square corresponding to a panelist under the access list.

In order to add a panelist click on arrow in a blue square under the action column in the panel database.

Once the panel is adjusted then click on save as panel.

Click on "update" and select the panel that you want to update.

Click on save.
Things to remember:
1) Only a user with a panel manager profile can create and edit EQ panels.
2) If a panel is added in the access list then only specific panelists who are part of that panel can answer the questionnaire. If someone else tried to answer the questionnaire then EQ will not allow.
3) If the Access list is empty and no panel is chosen yet, all panelists in your database can answer the questionnaire if they have the correct link.

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