How to Manually Add Data in EyeQuestion

How to Manually Add Data in EyeQuestion


There are instances where data is manually collected on paper, and the need arises to integrate this data into EyeQuestion as if it was gathered using the software. This article will provide an in-depth walkthrough of the step-by-step procedure for manual data entry in EyeQuestion. We will explore two distinct approaches: utilizing the anonymous link and completing the questionnaire on behalf of another panelist.

Method 1: Completing the Questionnaire on Behalf of Another Panelist

This method involves filling in the questionnaire for a panelist who already has an EyeQuestion account. Here's how to proceed:
1. Panelist Account and Access List: Ensure that the panelists for whom you wish to input data have active EyeQuestion accounts and are added to the Access list of your project. 
  1. Access the Panel Section: Navigate to the "Panel" section in EyeQuestion. Here, you can manage the panelists associated with your project.
  2. Add Panelists to Access List: In the Panel section, locate the option to add panelists to the Access list. 

2. Once the panelists are added to the Access list, go to the folder where your project is stored.
3. In the project explorer overview there is the action column which has the "Run on behalf" option. This action initiates the process of filling in the questionnaire for the chosen panelist.

4. Choose Panelist and Begin Questionnaire: A page displaying all the panelists on your access list will appear. Select the specific panelist for whom you want to input data, and click "Start." You can now proceed to complete the questionnaire on their behalf.

This method ensures that the data is attributed to the correct panelist, allowing you to record manually filled information accurately.
The anonymous link method allows you to input data that has been manually filled in the system. Follow these steps to make the most of this approach:

1. Log in to your EyeQuestion account and navigate to the "Deploy" section.
2. Fill in Sessions: Click on the generated anonymous link and begin entering the session data. To avoid being log out from EyeQuestion, it is recommended to open the link in incognito mode.
3. If you have additional sessions to input, repeat the above steps for each session. 
4. Anonymous Data Storage: It's important to note that the data collected through this method is stored anonymously.

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