How to recruit consumers via EyeQuestion?

How to recruit consumers via EyeQuestion?

Consumers Recruitment

A user can recruit consumers using the latest addition in EyeQuestion called "registration" available from the version 5.4.x. This feature is only accessible by clients who do not use EyeContact. This feature allows users to recruit panelists/consumers by sharing an anonymous link of the registration questionnaire and EyeQuestion will send automatic emails to panelists to confirm their email address, setup their password and confirmation email that they have been accepted as panelist. This will reduce the workload of a user who doesn't need to manually create/import logins and send emails to panelists about their login credentials.

Registration questionnaire

An example registration questionnaire is attached to this article which can be used as a template to create your own registration questionnaire. It has some personal questions for example: first name, last name, gender, birthday, contact details etc. It is important to make sure the questions are named correctly so that their details are added to their profile once they are accepted as panelist. Please refer to the question names in the excel sheet and make sure to add the same in the questionnaire. It is also possible to include custom category questions in the registration questionnaire. The answers to these questions will be automatically stored in the panellist profile and can for example be used to create panels.

By default the login is generated based on the first name and last name but it can be changed to email address or to a number. Please let our support team know about your preferred login format and we will make sure to link the correct format in the system settings.

It is possible to setup the questionnaire in multiple languages. To know more about the process to setup multilingual questionnaire click here

Registration emails

There are three registration email templates that are available under the site management.

In order to edit these templates click on the edit icon next to it. Please be careful when editing these templates to not remove the placeholders (the ones highlighted in yellow) rest of the text can be adjusted.


Registration process

1) Once the registration questionnaire is setup then deploy the questionnaire.
2) Share the anonymous link with the consumers through preferred channels like social media or flyers.
3) Those who have finished the questionnaire will appear in new registrations under the panel management.

4) From the new registration tab user can select all the new panelists who have verified their email address and click on accept. The panelist will receive the email that they have been accepted as a panelist.

EyeQuestion will flag the duplicate email address in the new registration tab. The user can check if the duplicate email address should be allowed (for example: in a situation where same family members use the same email address) or not.

Things to take into consideration:

1) In order to generate panelist login based on specific format for example: first name, number or email then please contact so that we make sure recruitment settings are correctly setup for your environment.
2) The EQ panelist recruitment only works without EyeContact.
3) Make sure to use the default registration template as a base to create custom questionnaire. 
4) If you want to add panelist information that should be saved in the default fields of the panelist profile then check with EQ Support what should be the name of that question. It is important that question names are added correctly otherwise that information will not be added to panelist's profile.

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