Importing a custom design

How can I import a custom design?

If your preferred design cannot be created using the design generator, a custom design can be created using excel and imported. To import a design, go to the design page and click on the Import Design option.

There are two types of designs you can import : monadic and blocked. A monadic design will present the samples one by one while a blocked design will present all samples simultaneously on screen. To create a Monadic Design, please set up the excel file as seen below:

Set : the number of unique sets used in the design. 
Sample : by inputting sample in this column a monadic design is recognized. The samples start off by adding their unique blinding code, followed by the product number. 759-1 for example will create a sample with blinding code 759 for product #1. If the same productnumber is used later on in the design with a different blinding code, then that will become a Replica of the same sample.

Upon selecting the excel file you will have to set up the number of sets and sessions used in the design. Please note that setting up the amount of sessions will automatically divide the samples into sessions. If there are 10 samples in the design and the amount of sessions is set to '3', the the samples will be divided as 3-3-4. 

Please keep in mind that if more sets are being set up in the Required number of sets option then there have been created in the design, the sets will be copied automatically. If we use the excel example as given previously and set the amount of sets to '10', the following design will be generated :

All sets will have the same sample order.

If you would like to import a blocked design please replace the Sample text in the first row with Block1 (and Block2, Block3, etc if more then one block is needed).

If the above example is imported, the design will look like this :

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