Importing a panel

How can I import a panel?

You can invite panellists to participate in your panel by:

- Transferring them from the Panel Database to the panel access list
- Using Import

Open a project and click the panel tab. Panelists can be added to the panel by adding them to the access list from the database by clcking on the arrow next to the panelist name.

It is also posible to import an excel file to load your panel. Click Import and select an excel sheet on your local machine.

You can either import panellists that are already in EyeQuestion (panellists that have a loginname) or import an excel sheet with email addresses and usernames.
If you want to import a selection of panellists that are already in EyeQuestion you must use the format as seen below :

If you want to import only a list of email adresses and names (users that are not linked to an EyeQuestion account) you must use the format as shown below :

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