Incomplete sessions

What can I do with incomplete sessions?

A panelist running a test is called a "session". When opening the sessions overview, you will see two kinds of sessions: Open Sessions and Finished Sessions

An open session means that the panelist started the test, but did not finish the questionnaire yet; it is still an incomplete session. They might have answered all or allmost all questions, but they did not reach the last screen of the questionnaire. Finished session are those sessions who reached the last screen. In that case the collected data in the session is added to the dataset. So, an data export or auto report will only use the data of finished sessions.

When you have finished your project and there are still a few open sessions, there are two things you can do : close the project or close an individual session.

In the Deploy-tab you are able to CLOSE a project. Closing a project means that all open sessions will be finished by force and the collected data will be added to the dataset.

From that moment on you will have no open sessions any longer and an export or an auto report will contain the data of the open sessions as well. Of course that will also mean that there might be a few empty cells in your dataset.

Another approach is checking out an individual session and deciding to CLOSE the specific session before actually closing the project. By clicking the info icon in the Sessions overview, you can open a summary of the session status.

The summary will show all questions per product and their answers up to now. The session can be closed by clicking on the close session icon.

When you decide to delete the open session, use the delete icon in sessions overview.

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