Regular Expressions

How can I use Regular Expressions ?

Using regular Expressions it is possible to let users enter valid data into a text field . A valid zip code for example. As an example, we are going to describe how to add a Dutch zip code regular expression. The value of the regular expression is: ^\d{4}\s[A-Z]{2}$ . More information about creating regular expressions can be found here:

If you don't know how to use regular expressions but you are still interested in this advanced option, please contact us.

Add regular expression to text question
Make sure you are logged into EyeQuestion as Project manager or System Administrator and have a new or existing EyeQuestion project open with a text question or add a text question to your new project.

Go to the advanced settings. Add the Dutch zip code regular expression  ^\d{4}\s[A-Z]{2}$ to the 'regular expression' property. To test the regular expression fill in a valid and invalid test input by the field 'test input'. Click the test input field to see if the regular expression is valid.

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