Using multiple sessions

How can I run a test accross multiple sessions?

Sample evaluation can be divided into sessions so that not all samples have to be evaluated in one go. Suppose you have 8 samples to be evaluated. On the first day you will ask your panelists to evaluate four of them and on the following day the remaining ones. Start with creating the design for 8 samples by generating or importing a experimental design.

The design will look something like this :

After you have finished creating your questionnaire, place an Instruction screen at the end of the design section. Add conditions by clicking on the  icon.

Add a condition to this screen stating that this screen should only be shown after evaluating the fourth sample. This can be done by creating the condition: #sequencenumber equals 4.

Secondly set the setting Logoff Screen to Yes. 

This has the following effect; When a panelist reaches this screen, the system will show a logoff button instead of a next button. When panelist comes in the next day an resumes the same questionnaire, it will automatically proceed with the following screen, whicn in this case is the next sample.
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