How to randomize different projects and share them all with one link

How to randomize different projects and share them all with one link

Subproject question types are used to link one or multiple projects within a single mother project. This way, if you have the necessity to send out multiple questionnaires to external panelists, you can do so using just a single project (and a single URL/link).
One case scenario could be the case when there is a need to randomly direct participants to any of two available projects. With the following example, you will be able to create a mother project that can randomly redirect participant to any given test using only one link to start the questionnaire. 

Setting up questionnaires in EyeQuestion 

Step 1. 
Separately create all the subprojects, in our example we have 2 child projects. In practice you could have as many sub projects as needed. 

The design settings from the sub projects can be set up as Inherit from parent project

Step 2. 
You then need to create a mother project, this is the project from where the participant will start the test and from where all the re directing will occur. 
In the mother project the design needs to have as many products as sub projects there are in your set up. In our example there are 2 sub projects, so this means that the mother project will need to have 2 products as well. 
Adjust the design via Design>Generate Design 
You can use here your prefer design settings, in the example below we use by set number. 

Step 3. 
You need to link the sub project to each product under the product properties, you can then select the sub project from under the sub project drop down. (Sub projects need to be deployed so they can be selected from under this list). 

Step 4. 
Add the special question subproject into a screen in the design section.
Add question>Special questions>Sub project>Select Project from design is used.

Sharing the questionnaire 

It is important that the participants start your questionnaire from the mother project. This means that when allocating your test, you should only allocate the mother project.
You can allocate via Allocate>Allocate>Select the mother project.
Participants starting from the mother project will be automatically directed to both the subprojects that were selected. 

If you prefer to share a link, do so by sending only the link to the mother project. 
Find the link in the mother project via Deploy>Panelist with log in.
We recommend to use the panelist with log in link because the user will be able to resume a session in case there is a connection issue. 

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