What is the difference between a registered and an anonymous respondent?

What is the difference between a registered and an anonymous respondent?

You can share your questionnaires in different ways using EyeQuestion, depending on the way you share the questionnaire data will be logged for the user or will be collected anonymous.

Registered panelists
Anonymous panelist
Sharing options
Booth link
R3 link from deploy page
Login on run project screen
Email from panel page
Anonymous in booth
R1 or R2 link from deploy page
Panellist can resume their session from any device
Track panellist attendance
Track panellist progress
Track panellist performance
Edit panellist session
Restrict access to projects
Build panellist profile
Use projectgroups
Automatically assign session
Panellists can scheduled an appointment (EQ5)
Filter a group of panelists (EQ5)
Log off and continue at a later time
Panellists can unsubscribe
Panellists do not need an account
Panellists need an account in EyeQuestion
Accounts need to be unique
In most cases it is not possible to resume a session
You cannot track your panellists
Panellists performance analysis cannot be used
Data cannot be edited
Project cannot be restricted
No additional data such as age or gender can be stored
Projectgroups cannot be used
Sessions cannot be automatically assigned
Panellist cannot be filtered

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