Workspace: Design Page

Workspace: Design Page


Welcome to the Design section of EyeQuestion, where the structure of your questionnaire takes shape. This crucial page is where you determine the order in which panelists will evaluate the products. Each template provided within this section automatically includes the correct design for the chosen methodology, ensuring a structured and effective evaluation process. However, you have the flexibility to adapt this design to better suit your specific needs and preferences.

Runtime Options

Runtime options are like the rules you set up for using the design throughout the project. This is where you decide how each panelist receives their product sets and if they need to verify them before starting the evaluation. For example, panelists might need to indicate which set code they have and then confirm if the first sample they are checking is correct. These options ensure that the evaluation process is consistent and that every panelist follows the same protocols, maintaining the integrity of your data.
More information can be found in the following articles:
  1. Runtime Options 
  2. Customize Runtime Options

Design Options

On the left panel navigator, you'll find a variety of options linked to your design. This panel gives you access to everything from detailed product information in EyeQuestion to tools for exporting and importing specific designs. This versatility allows you to manage your design efficiently, ensuring all necessary details are at your fingertips and modifications can be made seamlessly.
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  1. How Can I Import a Custom Design?

Design Tools

The Design Tools section equips you with a range of features for tweaking your design. Whether you want to generate a new design, add additional products, or change the blinding code, these tools make it easy. This flexibility allows you to tailor the evaluation process to meet specific research needs or to address any unforeseen changes in your study.

Design Set

In the Design Set section, you can visualize your design, with each set representing a panelist who evaluates the products in a specific order. Each product within a set is assigned a unique sequence number, ensuring that the order of presentation for each set and each panelist varies. 
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