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            How to run an analysis on a external dataset

            External datasets can be imported into EyeOpenR, which can be used to run an analysis or autoreport. More information on how to construct such a dataset can be found here.

            Start EyeOpenR using the main menu by clicking on Tools - EyeOpenR.

            Select the desired method you would like to run. If you would like to run an autoreport using an external dataset, click the switch in the top right hand side of the screen. All available autoreport will be displayed on the left hand side.

            When opening EyeOpenR using the project export menu, data from the project will be pre-loaded. When running EyeOpenR through the main menu, you will need to add a dataset using the Add dataset button. 

            Alternatively, you are also able to load your project data by clicking the switch located in the top right corner and selecting your project.

            If the dataset is missing metadata, it has to be selected in the next screen.

            Proceed to run the analysis as per usual. More information about EyeOpenR can be found in the manual or the online user guide.

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